“JM is a brilliant Bible teacher who has the uncommon ability to translate sound doctrine and theology to our generation. It’s unfortunately rare to find people who are willing to engage the questions being brought to scripture and God. It’s even rarer to find somebody who can articulate appropriate responses to those questions and in the process teach people how to properly read and understand the Bible."

Zoar Campus Pastor
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

"Refreshing, cutting edge, and thought provoking are just a few ways in which I would describe the deep and life-altering teaching James-Michael delivers to the body of Christ. I have a list of my top ten messages and one of his teachings made it into a top place on my list and almost blew the lid off!  The Woman, the Dragon & the Cross is a must hear. It rocked my world and I will never be the same again. Give James-Michael a look.  You will not be disappointed."

Legacy Church

"Solid in his evangelical commitments and yet willing to challenge some evangelical presupposition, we need more like James-Michael as Biblical scholarship moves ahead into the 21st Century." 

Senior Pastor
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

"Bible For the Rest of Us is a challenging and thought-provoking course. JM’s teaching style is refreshing, and you’ll refer to your notes many times long after you’ve taken the class."

Homeschooling Mother
Children’s Book Author

"The perception in America is that Christians are products of a blind allegiance to the Bible. Unfortunately, this view is fairly accurate. Bible for the Rest of Us will change that. This course transforms a person’s understanding of the Bible and will empower them to grow into more informed and educated believers."

Pastor of Worship
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

"Bible for the Rest of Us was better than some of my seminary classes. JM combines a heart for God and intimate knowledge of His Word with a high capacity to teach with humor, wit, and simplicity. Its a real treat for anyone interested in an approach to learn more about the Bible on its own terms."

Catawba United Methodist Church