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"Well you know what the Bible says about that..."

Do we really though? Do we REALLY know what it is we are holding in our hands whenever we pick up this thing called "The Bible"?

Have you ever tried reading the Bible from the beginning only to get bogged down somewhere around Leviticus...or Exodus...or even Genesis? Let's be honest, reading the Bible is hard enough. But UNDERSTANDING what we're reading is often much, much, much harder!

In this Disciple Dojo video course, JM Smith lays out a way to approach the Bible from the ground up. JM has taught this course for over 15 years all over the country (as well as in places as diverse as Kenya, India, and Bermuda!). In it he takes viewers on a journey of discovery as they meet their Bibles with fresh perspective and a new appreciation for this ancient library that has shaped the world more than any other collection of writings in human history.

This course, like all Disciple Dojo video resources, is 100% free and perfect for use in small group, church, or ministry settings...or just as good for personal individual study by anyone looking to dig deeper into the text of Scripture. Whether you've studied the Bible for a lifetime...or just picked one up in your hotel room nightstand for the very first time, this course will inspire you like no other.

So download the workbook HERE and get ready to discover things about this ancient collection of texts that will blow your mind, challenge your assumptions, and change the way you look at the Bible for the rest of your life!


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